Admissions Policy

Please note entry is for over 21’s only unless accompanied by family or carer.

The management reserve the right to refuse entry to the venue without notice, should they deem it appropriate and in line with the licensing objectives.

All patrons of the venue are expected to act is a considerate, friendly and well behaved manner, respecting the management and other customers.

Dogs are permitted but must always be on leads and be correctly managed by the owners, we do not allow dogs after 9pm or if live music is being played.

Children (under 13’s) must be accompanied at all times by their parents, family or carers (who must be over 21 years of age). Children (under 13’s) are not allowed in the venue after 9pm as a rule.

Children (under 13’s) must not be allowed by their parents, family or carers, to move around the venue and bar area unaccompanied.

Booking Confirmation

Bookings can be made up to a maximum of 30 days in advance via our website.

If you wish to make a booking greater than 30 days in advance or wish to make an event / party booking you should email:, or call on:

01202 490498

Bookings can be made via our RESDIARY app on our website.

Table reservations will be held for a maximum of 15 minutes after the booking time, unless we receive prior notification.

After 15 minutes the table will be released for further bookings.

Booking Cancellation

If you wish to cancel a booking simply use the links or email received when using the RESDIARY app. If you have lost or cannot find the confirmation emails please call us on:
01202 490498 notifying a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the cancellation.

We currently do not take booking deposits however we reserve the right to change this policy if we feel that our “in good faith” booking system is being abused.

Event / Party Bookings (over 12 people)

Groups of 12 or more will be required to pay a deposit of £10 per person and this deposit will be deducted from the final bill amount. The deposits will be non-refundable in the event of cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the booking time.

Deposits are non-refundable should you cancel or move the date of a confirmed booking less than 24 hours prior to the booking. Additionally, should you cancel a confirmed booking on the day; we serve the right to keep the deposit and charge fully for the chosen menu based on the number of guests anticipated. Charges apply to both lunch and dinner reservations.

Menus and Drinks

Almost all of our dishes are prepared in our kitchens where nuts are used. So any dish may contain nuts or traces of nuts. Kindly ask a member of staff if unsure or for any guidance.

No personal food and drink items to be brought inside the venue.

The management reserves the right to refuse the service of alcoholic drinks to guests if they deem it appropriate and in line with the licensing objectives.

Loss and damage

We advise all guests to not leave any personal belongings unattended at any time. The management will not be liable or responsible for any loss, theft or damage to your personal belongings whilst you are at the venue.

Offers and Availability

The management reserves the right to alter, amend or foreclose the promotion without prior notice. We may change our published rates at any time with or without notice. At certain times of the year our standard rates may not be valid, or be restricted.

From time to time we may advertise and publish promotional prices and special offers, together with restrictions that will apply. Such offers are always subject to availability. Will only apply to certain limited days and may be withdrawn at any time with or without notice.

All food on the menu is subject to availability, and the management reserve the right to alter the menu at any time without prior notice.


We use our best endeavours to ensure that all information given on the website is accurate, but will be subject to change without notice. It is not intended to give rise to any legally binding obligation and may not be considered to make any representation on any matter.

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Call us on:

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